A Diary - the diaries of Harriet Nichols, a long time resident of Horseheads, NY. Beginning in the Spring of 1916, the diaries offer small glimpses into the daily lives of Harriet, her sister Bessie, and many of the events and people they came in contact with over the years.

We now have the diaries for most years, those missing are from 1932-1935, and 1939-1941. Who knows that these might also turn up for us one day. It is possible that these diaries actually exist in just two books, each covering multiple years. The diaries we currently hold are listed below... only those that have been transcribed are selectable.

Occasionaly a word or name has been difficult to decipher. Brackets [ ] are used where there is uncertainty about a word. The transcript follows Harriet's own misspellings, occasional lack of punctuation and use of lower case in some proper names. While ernestly trying to be as exact as possible, no doubt a few mistakes will be made, hopefully very few in number. The plan is to reproof the transcripts once they're finished to correct any transcription errors.

The goal is to transcribe a two-week block of entries to the on-line diary every one or two days. We'll fall short of that at times, but that's the goal. A few notes on the mechanics of the diaries...

Each of the diaries, except for her first two, cover a single year. Diaries are displayed in book form, each page covering a single day, blank pages included for any days Harriet made no entries.

Pages may be turned by drag-and-dropping a page, much as you would turn a real page. Pages can also be turned by left-clicking on the corners of a page, or by using the left and right arrows below the diary... both of these methods being faster, but less aesthetic than drag-and-drop page turning.

The 1st, 10th and 20th day of any month can be reached by means of the drop-down list beneath the diary. (Note: Not sure why, but I've noticed that I've had to manually turn a couple of pages before the drop-down list would work.) Readers can zoom in on any page by double-clicking the page, double-clicking again to return to a normal view.

Reader comments / questions about the diaries can be emailed to nick@elmira-ny.com
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