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The Best Elmira Guestbook!

Places & Faces

A new challenge each Sunday morning... an old image or photo of some location in Chemung County, a person or group of people connected with Chemung County, or perhaps an aerial photo of some location. The challenge, depending on the type of photo, is to identify either the street(s) or the person(s). Beyond that, we look forward very much to having people share any comments or memories they might have that connect with the photo.
Our Previous Photo...

Last week's photo was the outdoor stage at Eldridge Park, home to the Eldridge Park Talent Parade. Built about 1940 by Art Kendall Jr., it saw its peak years between 1952 and 1976, while Jay Parker served as director of public relations.

The photo was rated Too Easy by 5 people, Easy by 8, and Average by 8.


We received 21 responses... all with the correct answer. The correct entries were from Michael Smith, Don Claypool, Charles down South, Shirl, Dick & Bonnie (Palmyra VA), Jim D, Margo, Pat, Bette, MJ, HY Barr, Nancy, the AAA Office, Mike K, V Gates (Des Moines, WA), Eddie M, Joey, Mike Saunders, Ted Rybak (Myrtle Beach, SC), Connie, and Mike Swasta.
17 people got the bonus question correct, noting that Jasper would for the most part be located off the lower left coner of the photo. Getting the bonus were Michael Smith, Charles down South, Shirl, Dick & Bonnie (Palmyra, VA), Jim D, Margo, Pat, Bette, MJ, Hy Barr, Nancy, the AAA Office, Mike K, Mike Saunders, Ted Rybak (Myrtle Beach, SC), Connie, and Mike Swasta.
An aerial view of the park can be seen -[ here ]- . The hand is positioned such that it extends from the direction of the lower left corner of our original photo, and points to the stage area.

We received the following comments:

[ Don Claypool ] jasper belongs in the lake not on land. A bit before my time but when the park was famous and full of people.

[ Shirl ] Spent lots of good times there.

[ MJ ] Looks like this may have been taken in the late 40's, when I would have been a tot. Recognized it easily, though... many memories here.

[ Hy Barr ] Sometime in the early 1960s, my family went to Eldridge Park to watch a man climb an extension ladder of sorts, high up off the ground to a platform, then dive off straight down into an above ground pool of water. I want to think he was holding onto torches as he descended, but that may have only occurred in my imagination.

[ Nancy ] Had so many good times here as a kid, teenager and adult. Wish they had never done away with the rides and the great picnic area. It's a shame.

[ Connie ] In front of this, located on the midway were the best French fries, served in a paper cone and waffle cakes sprinkled with confectionary sugar. Always made sure I saved a dime for the French fries. You would always see a young kid sitting on a pail in the French fry stand pealing potatoes.

[ Mike Swasta ] Memories of Eldridge Park. The Outdoor Stage, gone but not forgotten. In the 1950s and early 60s, remember evening movies, the talent shows and other entertainment acts.

This Week's Photo...

For personal reasons, my websites will have to be running mostly on "auto" for awhile. On this site, that will mean forgoing the "Places & Faces" and "Memory Block" features. No idea as to how long.   -Nick-

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