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195) Leslye Essex Kersey

  Now In: Georgia
Sunday, 05.06.2007 - 08:59:41 Windows 95/98 Internet Explorer

This is a starting place - I'm looking for anyone who might have known my grandmother in the community. Her name was "Barbara (?) ("Bobs") Essex, formerly married to Norman Essex. I believe she moved to Elmira from Buffalo. Sons were "Trevor Emerson (later changed to Don David) Essex" and "Clive Essex".
194) Michael McDaniel

  Now In: Binghamton, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1974
Friday, 05.04.2007 - 12:07:55 Windows 2000 Internet Explorer

Hello everyone!!!IF my last
name sounds familiar,it's
because my brother Brian was
quite popular in H.S..I was
relatively unknown..My favorite person in H.S. was
Mrs. Winston..French teacher..

193) Chris Banks

  Now In: Washington DC
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1987
Sunday, 04.29.2007 - 16:47:46 Windows XP Internet Explorer

What's up EFA 87
Living it up here in DC and loving it. Moved here after a 3 year tour of Germany with the US Army Medical Corp. in 91. I visit Elmira at least twice a year. Looking forward to a reunion. MEET YOU AT THE 4 CORNERS!

192) John Dunne


  Now In: Singapore
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1979
Sunday, 04.29.2007 - 07:41:23 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hi! John Dunne, originally from the Southside. My life's journey has taken me progressively to the south and west. After HS I moved to Arizona for 20 years; six years ago, I moved to Asia where I lived in Korea for one year and now Singapore, where I've lived for almost five years. I'm married without children (at the moment; we hope to have some soon). I try to keep up with what's happening in the States and Elmira, and I maintain a small website for the SHS Class of 1979 (http://www.geocities.com/du nner99rok/SHS79/shs79index.h tml). Stop by if you have a chance.
191) Roger DeKay

  Now In: Las Vegas,NV
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1967
Friday, 04.27.2007 - 19:20:26 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I left Elmira in 1968 to serve in the US Air Force, (22 Years). Ended in Nellis AFB, NV in 1980, loved it so much that I never left. Now work for the State of Nevada. I am looking forward to the upcoming 40 year reunion. I am getting prepared to the visit Elmira by observing the web site --- sure looks cold and damp.
190) Irene Patros Fadis

  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Wednesday, 04.25.2007 - 23:52:14 Windows XP Internet Explorer

This message is in response to entry # 168. The students at Harry N. Hoffman school also had a Mr.G. Bates as their principal for a designated period of time as well as a six grade teacher by the name of Mrs. McMormick. I wonder if they were the same people you mentioned, and if they were transfered later on to Hoffman School. (I graduated from Hoffman School in 1965. )
Anyway, congratulations to you and your classmates on the event of your 5oth reunion. Best wishes.

PS The predictions were interesting.

189) Billy Ritter

  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1958
Wednesday, 04.25.2007 - 07:37:33 Windows XP Internet Explorer

DATE: April 26, 2007

TO: Class of 1952 of School Eleven Grade Six

E-mail Q15481.@aol.com

On August 15, 2008, the class of 1958 we will celebrate our 50th year anniversary at the Italian American Veteran Club, Magee, Elmira, NY.

On June 24, 2008, it will be the 50th year since the 1958 class, our class being the 98th, class to graduate, from the Elmira Free Academy. Thanking in advance, Margaret (Peggy) Fossaceca for planning the event.

Many of us who took part in the 1958 graduation exercise were also members of the Class of 1952 School Eleven Grade Six. The principal was Mr. Grover A. Bates and our sixth grade teacher was Mrs. Florreta McCormack.

Send your updates! We all would like to hear about your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, military service, college and universities, occupation, and any other story you want to share.

Should you not be able to attend the 50th Reunion on August 15, 2008, just e-mail me your address, and I will mail a copy to you.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of Grade Six. We all have lots of memories and will be fun sharing them on August 15, 2008.

Class Members

John Arnesen

Donald Berry

Barbara Bishko

Diane Carpenter

Joy Carroll

Marcia Christien

David Collins

Sandra Dean

Teddy Defilippo

Marianne Derito

Maureen Dyer

Shirley Ellis

David Espy

Betsey Evans

Barbara Francis

Bruce French

Nancy Gilbert

Steele Gladston

Roberta Harman

Nancy Lavris

John Luce

Eleanor Carpenter

Raymond Miles

Jack Mullen

David Parker

John Peterson

Rosemarie Riederer

Billy Ritter

Julie Sayles

Richard Schaeffer

Beverly Schucker

Annabelle Smith

Claude Snyder

Barbara Squires

Winifred Sturch

Patricia Swank

Carolyn Swartwood

Constance Torrance

Harrison Voorhees

Edithe Walker

Sue Watson

Sallie Whalen

Raymond Wilson

You have to tell me if you want the update, so e-mail me Q15481@aol.com

Life is a Dream, Its Life as it is.

188) Tammy Chudzinski

  Now In: Rochester,NY
  High School: Edison
  Class of: 1979
Monday, 04.23.2007 - 20:58:07 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I happened to find this site after looking at the Eldridge Park & Remembering Elmira pages. All the memories of places and people came flooding back. I justfound out that Brad Sanford died in 2003 at age 58...WOW!! He was my Social Studies teacher in my Senior year. I was wondering if anyone remembers "Trifoso's"bar/nightclub on Grand Central Ave. I spent ALOT of nights there. Also, how about "Curleys Chicken House"...are they still open? I loved their coleslaw! I'd love hearing from some of the people from my class, school, etc. I'm in a nostalgic mood, I guess. Hi to everyone that remembers me & to those who don't. Elmira will always be "home".
187) Kathie Kruger Beard

  Now In: Wilmington, NC.
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1962
Thursday, 04.12.2007 - 14:55:33 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just updating my info-another new e-mail address! As usual-the site is great.Have one question--is there no one who is happy living in Elmira? -every entry seems to say"it was great-too bad it isn't any more" Give me good news!! Kathie Kruger.
186) Todd Chichester

  Messenger: mileobrien
  Now In: Elmira still
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1981
Wednesday, 04.11.2007 - 02:07:46 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

HI! Good to see this site. Hope others find me and shoot me off an email. I still live in elmira, work at Boces, have 3 kids, wonderful wife. Would love to catch up with people like Lee Huftalen, Joe Naroski and such. Gimme a shout!
185) Mrs. David MacMillan

  Now In: Charleston SC area
Monday, 04.09.2007 - 00:12:22 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hello all. I am still trying to find any MacMillan relatives who lived in Elmira during World War 2. Most notably, we are looking for the former Mary Henrietta MacMillan who was married to Silas MacMillan from 1936 - 1950. Silas also had 6 sisters but we don't know if they married so we don't know where to look for them. We are very interested in mending broken fences with the family after all this time. Please email me if you can think of anything that will help us. Thanks!
184) Edward Bill McCarthy

  Now In: Rialto, California
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1964
Saturday, 04.07.2007 - 11:34:46 Windows XP Internet Explorer

183) Jeff Shelanskey


  Now In: Dallas NC
  High School: Edison
  Class of: 1978
Saturday, 04.07.2007 - 09:33:12 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hello Everyone
182) christine lewis gallegos

  Messenger: teddymooch
  Now In: Phoenix, AZ
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1967
Tuesday, 04.03.2007 - 12:11:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

As one of the organizers of the SHS 1967 40th yr reunion, I am listing another group of members we cannot find. We would love to contact our classmates and have them join us. We would appreciate any help from friends, family or neighbors in spreding the word of our event.

James Burdick
Susan Dickerson
Kandace Corson
Dennis Bowman
Mary Dibble

Please send any information you might have to my private email address that is posted here. Thank you so much for your help.

181) Irene Patros Fadis

Friday, 03.30.2007 - 17:58:11 Windows XP Internet Explorer

To all the Jewish friends, Happy Passover. To all the Christian friends, Happy Easter; "Christ is Risen.Indeed He is Risen." Best regards and Happy Spring. Irene
180) Tammy Grover

  Messenger: cuddlslvr@yahoo.com
  Now In: now living in greensboro, nc
  High School: Horseheads
  Class of: 1987
Wednesday, 03.28.2007 - 09:39:49 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I was wondering if we are having a reunion this summer for the 20yrs....thanks
179) Kathleen Houghtaling Hager

  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1977
Tuesday, 03.27.2007 - 14:47:52 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Looking for fellow classmates to contact for our 30th reunion in July. Let us know where you are.
178) Christine Lewis Gallegos

  Messenger: moochiejoe
  Now In: Phoenix, AZ
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1967
Sunday, 03.25.2007 - 16:00:45 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I am one of the organizers of the 40th reunion of SHS Class 1967, to be held this Sept. We are discovering that many classmates have remarried and moved, yet again. We are doing everythiing in our power to contact everyone we can. There are a few classmates we are having trouble contacting. I will list a few here. If any friends, neighbors, and/or family members know of their whereabouts, please contact me privately at my email address that is listed in this post. We would love to be able to send them the reunion information and registration. These people are David Cornelius, Carol Fisher, Richard Burnett, David L. Dean and Evelyn Derrick. Any help on finding our classmates is so appreciated. Thank you!
177) Wayne Adams

  Now In: Salt Lake City
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1973
Sunday, 03.25.2007 - 12:40:34 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Thanks for putting this together. The Cosy Corner photo is quite nostalgic for me.

My brother Ed and I went to Hoffman, Booth and EFA schools.

I moved my mother, Marge Park with Alzheimer's disease, from Elmira to St Joseph's Assisted Living Center here in SLC last year. She keeps trying to take a taxi back to Elmira- thankfully no taxi driver has been willing to make the trip!! At least I understand her love for Elmira.

My brother Ed lives in Elmira Heights.

176) Joens


  High School: Other Elmira area school
Saturday, 03.24.2007 - 09:42:27 Windows 2003 Internet Explorer

HI! Great Site. Best regards from Germany