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355) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens ,NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Thursday, 12.30.2010 - 11:52:25 Windows XP Internet Explorer

First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, and Blest New Year! Secondly, I would like to suggest that pictures be added to the album page of Elmira at winter time. I remember Elmira used to get some very beautiful snowfalls in years past. Best regards. Irene

Sunday, 11.21.2010 - 03:26:39 Mac OS X Netscape Navigator or other

353) Victor Lawson

  Now In: Columbia Crossroads, PA
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1963
Wednesday, 11.10.2010 - 00:25:27 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I've been going to the Elmira Facebook site. Someone in the Facebook site mentioned this site for the possibility of finding old friends from Elmira. I remember a much friendlier Elmira when I was a kid. The old #8 school and T.K. Beecher. So long ago but what fun we had.
352) Gayle Plate (Keller)

  Messenger: gaylek41
  Now In: College Station, TX
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1982
Wednesday, 11.03.2010 - 23:00:53 Windows NT Internet Explorer

2009Just found this website. Trying to connect with some of my old highschool friends. I am also on Facebbok..
351) beverly henry-erle

  Now In: canal winchester, ohio
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1951
Sunday, 10.17.2010 - 14:47:13 Windows NT Internet Explorer

wow, so happy to find this site. left elmira 56 years ago but still miss it. visited a couple years ago and some things were still there but a lot of changes. i'm a big buckeye fan and for an old gal, really get into it. have two daughters and one son. 3 grandchildren and 3 great. would love to hear from anyone who was around in the late 40's or 50's.
350) Linda Morley Carey

  Now In: Great Falls, Montana
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1964
Monday, 10.04.2010 - 15:20:24 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I moved to Montana 1979. I think of Elmira often and the friends that are still there.
I miss you all.

349) Susan Swan-Christy

  Now In: Big Flats NY
  High School: Horseheads
Friday, 09.10.2010 - 14:29:44 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I like photography, pet-sitting, outdoors
348) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Monday, 09.06.2010 - 10:53:36 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Tomorrow is the first day of school for NYC public school teachers and the following day is the first day of school for the students. Since I am returning to work tomorrow I reflected on all my first days of school as a student in Elmira.
I want to thank all of my teachers, who were a positive influence in my life, not just academically, but socially as well. To all of you, who instilled good qualities in me, thank you very, very much. Your efforts were not in vain. Thanks, and God bless.

347) Deborah (Debbie) Struzinsky

  Now In: Saskatchewan, Canada
  High School: Notre Dame
  Class of: 1971
Monday, 07.12.2010 - 00:55:36 Linux Netscape Navigator or other

Hello Fellow Elmirans,
I attended A.W. Booth school, K - 9th...Does anyone remember the little store on Davis St, very close to Booth school? I believe the owner was married to the Kindergarten teacher (Booth) Mrs. McDonald. Elmira had a great downtown! We loved going to the "five & dime", Kresges, Iszards, etc. It would be great if an archive existed of the elementary school teachers & children.

346) Carol McPherson Ham

  Now In: Port Richey, FL (winter)
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1964
Sunday, 07.04.2010 - 00:58:19 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I love visiting this site. Can someone tell me how to get a copy of the 1964 EFA yearbook? Are there any reunions in the planning stages? Or, how about a grammar school reunion? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
345) Irene Patros Fadis
  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Thursday, 06.24.2010 - 23:05:13 Windows XP Internet Explorer

To Mike, from the UK. Sorry but I can't help you with your search for family members. The people that you spoke about in your e-mail were before my time. I don't recall my late father ever mentioning the names you referred to, and he knew a lot of people in Elmira, because of the family business that he had when we were kids. Good luck in your search.
344) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NYC
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Sunday, 05.02.2010 - 23:45:59 Windows XP Internet Explorer

A granddaughter born to Irene (Patros) Fadis and Mike Fadis on April 28, 2010. Andriana Mia is our first grandchild. She is also the great granddaughter of Koula B. Patros, and the late Bill A. Patros of the M & M Bar & Grill.
343) James "Salvatorie" Tangorre


  Messenger: Salvatorie Salvatorie
  Now In: Los Angeles, Ca
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1969
Sunday, 05.02.2010 - 18:18:40 Mac OS X Safari

Me a few years back.  Publicity PhotoHi everyone. You know, I have beed all over the world and I still think of Elmira as Home and the nicest city in the world.

Does anyone know Bunny Collins from the south-side? She lived off Penn Ave. She and I were great friends and I gave her one of my USMC rings from graduation from Paris Island in 1970-1972. I lost everything in 911 when I lived in NYC. Would love to see if she still had it. I only have a few things left of my life since that day. Thanks.

342) Linda Grill Crotty

  Now In: Florida
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1965
Tuesday, 03.16.2010 - 09:19:22 Windows XP Internet Explorer

What a great web site!

  Now In: Baltimore,Md.
  High School: Southside
Thursday, 02.25.2010 - 23:26:54 Windows NT Internet Explorer

UPDATING MY E-MAIL.dcdc200@netzero.com.H aving the time of my life between the beltways..
340) Cheryl Rockwell

  Now In: Elmira
  High School: Edison
  Class of: 1979
Tuesday, 02.09.2010 - 15:29:06 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I went to HArdy school until 1972, then we moved to Heights and I went ot EDISON, Anyone from HARdy on here?
339) AFL

  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1948
Sunday, 02.07.2010 - 06:33:26 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Thank for the front page..D&L Station where I rode the Phoebe Snow train to Buffalo with connections to Kelly AFB and the old Knights of Columbus Council where I was inducted and enjoyed the bowling allies and many frends who are now gone.
338) Henry Pounds

  Now In: Wilton CT
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 62
Friday, 02.05.2010 - 13:15:17 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I spent a lot of time in Elmira last year because my mother Mary Pounds had brain cancer, had surgery but finally died in October at age 94. Before that I visited Elmira every year and I have to say that it depresses me to see how some formerly great towns like Elmira have slipped over the years. They lose their manufacturing employment base, the best and the brightest move away and the town becomes a shadow of what it once was. We all have fond memories of our youth but all of the places we used to go to are gone and now it is a bittersweet experience to return. In the case of Elmira memories are best left undisturbed.
337) George C Monroe

  Now In: Bentley, La
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1968
Sunday, 01.31.2010 - 02:37:02 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Looking to find James Robbins and his sister Pat Robbins there is a younger boy tim I think he was a lot younger James is EFA67, Pat is EFA68

336) Bob Wynne

  Now In: retired in Sun Lakes, AZ
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1962
Monday, 01.25.2010 - 18:46:30 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Many memories of growing up in Elmira. Challenge others who grew up in Elmira in the 50's & 60's to share their "trips down memory lane"- some of mine are White's Drug Store and Murtaugh's, roller skating at Joycrest, Sam's Bar, Rustic Gardens, Pitts Goody Shop, Brand Park Pool, Small Fry Ball Park, a lucky-monday at Lovell's, Dixie BBQ, Pal's Sporting Goods-my first ball glove, block dances, Old Pioneer, Karem's Giant Market, a frosted malt at Excel Dairy, ice skating on Miller's Pond, Schanakers Diner, hiking Mt. Zoar Hill, Harris Hill picnics and putt-putt golf, Dunn Field, bowling at St. Mary's and Remington Rand Lanes, seeing Ernie Davis play football, baseball and basketball(at the old neighborhood house), cowboy movies at Capitol and Regent Theaters, Schmitz Ice Cream Shop,and all the fun times at Eldridge Park