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135) Bill Stone

  Now In: Plano, TX
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1961
Monday, 12.11.2006 - 13:41:47 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Merry Christmas, ya'll. Been here since 1978 and I love it. Will retire in a year and will move south. I have one son and three grandchildren. Life is good.
134) Michael Bennett

  Now In: Crestview, FL
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1982
Monday, 12.11.2006 - 02:29:13 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just surfin' in to see if any classmates have signed the guestbook since I last visited this site. I'm about to call it a career in the USAF and retire soon. Would love to hear from any classmates who want to chat about the 'good ol' days. Cheers!!
133) brookeb b.
  Now In: Seattle
  Class of: 1987
Friday, 12.08.2006 - 22:39:45 Windows XP Internet Explorer

oh my god!! post #33-she is so right. The metal platform in the mall....and the grocery store there. pictures of that would be awesome!!!there has to be a picture somewhere...before the big remodel. I LOVED that thing. I never forgot it. It was the first place I sat on Santas lap. it was hanging from metal chains or something...different levels? way cool. fun website-
132) snyder

  Now In: steamboat springs, co
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1990
Wednesday, 12.06.2006 - 17:31:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

nice website. I was back in Elmira after 15 years this past summer. It was nice to go back in time for a day, but it was also really depressing to see how depressed that area is now days. Downtown is the worst. Where is Ray's Jewelers? so many empty spaces. It did still have that safe feeling of being in a small town, but, there seems to be nothing to do that is too exciting. I drove my family to watkins Glen for the day and that was cool-Corning still has some decent shopping and some nice eateries. Elmira needs something...some kind of a draw. The whole Mark Twain thing is a nice conversation piece for about 5 minutes, Woodlawn cemetary is lovely, and a lot of the old haunts are still around. All in all I am not sure I would ever make an effort to go back-people seem to be stuck in time there. This wesite is nice for when I want to go back in time without actually having to go to the Twin Tiers. people there seems to be happy though-good for them.
131) Eric Raatz

  Now In: Tucson, AZ
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1990
Wednesday, 12.06.2006 - 15:07:08 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just cruising the site to see if anyone from the class of 1990 is on. Fell free to give me an email if you' d like. I'm married and living in Tucson AZ now and working as a Civil Engineer. Great website!
130) Margarete Dieg Coggins

  Now In: Graham, NC
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1989
Sunday, 12.03.2006 - 20:11:00 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hello to all my follow classmates of 89! WOW what a great life I have had up to this point. I moved away from this place in 89 and continue to visit once a year. No madder where I travel to or where I live Elmira will always and forever be home to me....
129) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens,NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Saturday, 12.02.2006 - 20:19:25 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hello everybody! Recently I have received correspondence from two guests that came across my last year's December message. It was really great to hear from them. Prior to their correspondence I heard from two other people,who likewise responded to the same message. I've got to tell you it was a treat to hear from these people. Somehow being away from Elmira so many years causes me to miss the hometown. It's also nice to connect the dots of the past to the present.
Anyway, I decided to send my holiday greetings early this year in hopes that I'll hear from some more of you former friends out there.
You all have my best wishes for a Happy Channuka, a Merry Christmas, and a healthy and happy new year. Best regards to all of you and your families.
With fond memories of Elmira and the old friends,

128) Maryalice (Copp) Seager

  Now In: Vestal,NY
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1962
Thursday, 11.30.2006 - 19:33:24 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just wondering if any reunion plans coming up for 2007?
127) amanda hamula

  Now In: north ridgeville ohio
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
Monday, 11.27.2006 - 21:56:05 Windows XP Internet Explorer

just looking trying to find old famliy friends.if anyone knows my mom or dad we would like to hear from you.they are theresa rich and louis hamula.we have lived here in north ridgeville for 17 years and we have lost all 3 of my moms brothers if anyone knows my family please get back to me because we are moving home and i know my parents would like to see everyone.love from ohio ham
126) Bill Sweeney


  Messenger: billmusic97
  Now In: Nashville, TN
  High School: Elmira Christian Academy
  Class of: 1988
Friday, 11.24.2006 - 06:52:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I lived in Elmira throughout my teens, attended ECA, had a huge family, and have since gone on to become a professional musician. I now live and perform in Nashville - and nation-wide with a rather famous Country Singer playing keyboards! Love what I do, and would love to hear from anyone that was in school with me at the time! billmusic97@yahoo.com and www.myspace.com/elxr
125) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Tuesday, 11.21.2006 - 19:50:32 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. Enjoy the holiday in good health and happines. May you always have things to be thankful for and dreams to aspire to. Best regards. Irene
124) Roy Moss

  Now In: Snellville, Ga
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1967
Tuesday, 11.21.2006 - 11:28:16 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Love the web-site, would hope more of the class of 67 would let us know where you are around the country.
123) Lori Weston

  High School: Southside
  Class of: 79
Monday, 11.20.2006 - 15:25:56 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I have lived in Arizona since 82, love the weather here and all the sunshine! I do sometimes miss the beautiful tree covered mountains around Elmira though.

  Now In: TULSA, OK
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1957
Sunday, 11.19.2006 - 21:57:57 Windows XP Internet Explorer

121) Dr. B. G. Turkington
  Now In: Central Florida
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1955
Friday, 11.17.2006 - 16:38:56 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Came to Elmira in 1945. Left in the early 60's & returned to NYC(home). Went to the UK, earned my Ph.D at the University of Cambridge in Philosophy & Physics, taught at several universities abroad & in the USA. I am presently retired, but doing some consulting work. I heard that Elmira has become virtually a wasteland. My only contact is that my parents are buried at Woodlawn. Anyone know od the whereabouts of Larry Taft or Thomas Boyd Lynch?
120) vicki hamilton

  Now In: tampa
  High School: Horseheads
Tuesday, 11.14.2006 - 02:14:55 Windows XP Internet Explorer

looking for my old flame from horseheads GLENN THOMPSON ohers that might want to write too.Imiss the beauty of the twin tiers:
119) Bob Pierce

  Now In: Wilmington, NC
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1961
Monday, 11.13.2006 - 17:56:29 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Love this web site. I lived in Elmira 49 years, been away since 1992, and still miss it. We get home 2-3 times a year. I especially remember growing up on the Southside and the summer daily swims at Brand Park. It cost only 15 cents, 10 cents to get in the pool and 5 cents for a candy bar to eat on the way home. What great times!!
118) Laura West (Sanders)

  Now In: Winchester Tennessee
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 2000
Friday, 11.10.2006 - 20:12:07 Windows 2000 Netscape Navigator or other

I just want to say thanks for this web site i just was thinking about home and typed in elmira ny and i found it and i still have alot to look at but i will get to it i miss my home place and will will be going back for a visit soon i realy dont know why because i went back about 2 yrs ago and its feel down hill so much but i still have alot of memories in that place i lived a around harris food mart on the corner of grand central ave till the age of 18 then i thought it was time for a change and im now living in tn and have been married for 3 yrs now and have 3 beautiful babys 2 girls ones 6 and others 1 and a boy hes 2 and they are the best things in the world anyways i will up date as i go thanks agan
117) Bill Ingram

  Now In: Seagrove, Florida
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1987
Wednesday, 11.08.2006 - 12:37:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

After EFA, Delhi College, Then Moved to Orlando and worked for Disney World for 13 years. Moved back to Corning and was restaurant manager for Corning Country Club. After a two years of being too cold, left NY and moved to Sarasota Florida. After a couple of consulting jobs in Sarasota, I felt the need to be around family and moved to the panhandle of FL, close to my sister. I now have finally settled down in Seagrove. Like someone said sometimes you go through "hell", to get to paradise. It definately is! I work for Sandestin resort as a wine consultant. Visit Sandestin.com to see the area, if you visit....shoot me an email!
Keep me in the loop for the 20 year reunion!

116) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Sunday, 11.05.2006 - 01:14:52 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just want to thank you for this website. It not only has rekindled memories of the past, but it has brought people together via the internet. I have heard from three people already as a result of signing the questbook. Thanks for the service you render. Irene