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35) Jeff L'Amoreaux

  Now In: Chalfont, PA
Wednesday, 02.01.2006 - 22:54:41 Windows XP Internet Explorer

My grandparents Evelyn and George West lived on Bonaview Avenue in Southport. That spinny thing in the haunted house at Eldridge Park scared me so much as a youngster. I miss Pudgie's "Good Time" Pizza. A memory I have is waiting for our pizza with my mom in Corning on Market Street, with "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" playing on the jukebox.
34) Rod Hatfield


  Now In: Washington, DC
  High School: Other Elmira area school
  Class of: 1967
Tuesday, 01.31.2006 - 21:37:07 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Biltmore EstateI've toured many a web page but never seen such a great collection! Well done and congrats to all who worked and are still working to have such a living tribute to the little town I once called home.
I went to school at Coldbrook elementary and then on to Broadway Junior High. We moved then to FL in 1963 but would have grad at Southside in 1967 if we had not moved.
Eldrige Park photos, the pool, Harris Hill and Watkins Glenn! What a real treat to see all these places again. Thanks so much to all!

33) Cheryl Roy Steflik

  Now In: outside indianapolis, in
  High School: Horseheads
  Class of: 1986
Sunday, 01.29.2006 - 21:35:40 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Love looking through here. My mom and my brother still live in the Elmira/Horseheads area. I come back 1 or 2 times a year. Saw Route 17 being changed...it should look nice when finished. Sad to see and hear the economy struggles there.
Would love to see pictures of the mall before the big addition in the 80's. Remember the metal platform in bewtween Izards and Penney's? Loved playing on that!!! And the grocery store in it that began w/ an "L"? Loblaw's?? Or pictures before the Walmart plaza went it in Big Flats? I remember a swamp area there!!
Would love to hear from former classmates!!

32) Robert Tuttle

  Now In: Austin , TX
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1942
Sunday, 01.22.2006 - 23:23:07 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Moved from Ilion to Elmira in May 1941. In Navy in January 1943 Out of Navy in January 1946. Elmira Veterns School in Jan 1946. Graduated in June 1946. Is there any one who remembers the Veterns school? It was on the second floor of an old building on Madison Ave?
Thanks Bob Tuttle

31) Tollea Nave Stinnett

  Messenger: msleelee44@yahoo.com
  Now In: Madisonville, KY
  High School: Horseheads
  Class of: 1963
Friday, 01.20.2006 - 16:43:07 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I left Elmira in 2004and love it down here.It is very much like Elmira.I have married a gentleman from here. He is retired from the goverment and we lead a very busy life.
30) Sharon Comfort heath

  Messenger: gramlovesall gramlovesall
  Now In: in central NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1965
Thursday, 01.19.2006 - 22:56:42 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I love Elmira my sister and brother are still there left in 65 these sites of home keep me going
29) Tina (Christina) Cundiff

  Messenger: tcundiffisback tcundiff98
  High School: Edison
  Class of: 1998
Tuesday, 01.17.2006 - 22:06:25 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I moved to Augusta Ga. in June of 2005. I didnt want to but had too. I lived at 208 west hudson st. both apt. A & B Within the last 5 yrs. My daugter went to parley couburn. I was raised 1985-1990 in hatthorn crt. (went to george wash. elem.) In 1996 I moved to the Hgts. across O'Dmars. I went to Edison high till 1998, never graduated tho. In 1998 I tried out @ odmars (Nikki named me Destiny). In 1999 I tried out @ Bare Facts in Waverly, NY. on Rt. 34. I went by Destiny & Martina. I worked there 5 yrs. Then I quit cuz my kid started school. And here in the begining of 2006 I am living in Augusta Ga. But miss Elmira so much. My mom works @ blue mare bar in the hgts. Her name is Vickki. I miss her so Much!
28) Cathy Mandell Campbell
  Now In: Sunny Florida
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1983
Friday, 01.13.2006 - 09:53:15 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Miss Elmira but enjoying life with Dave and our sons
27) Georgette Burvee

Monday, 01.09.2006 - 10:19:48 Windows XP Internet Explorer

What A wonderful site! I love coming back from time to time to see what is new. I graduated in 1977 and currently live in Indianapolis, In. I retired from the army after 21 years and just recently graduated from nursing school(BSN). I miss Elmira and return from time to time. Keep up the good work and keep the site going, I love it.
26) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens,NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Tuesday, 12.27.2005 - 17:46:24 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Hope everyone had a peaceful and joyful Christmas, and best wishes for health, happiness, and peace in 2006.
My husband and I were reminiscing the other day about Christmases from the days of our childhood, and that made me think of a lot of people I haven't thought about for a long time.
I was wondering if anyone knows how the following people are or where they live now: Susie Jacobson, Nate Kornfeld, Salling Wellinghoff, Ricky Carr, Rick Gerard,Mary Machenic, Paula Hickey& Jackie Henbest?
With the exception of Paula Hickey, all the rest went to Hoffman School with me, we were in the same graduating class, Paula was a little older than we. I remember sitting around the Christmas tree in the front corridor of the school, across from the principal's office, and singing Christmas carols and Channukah songs. Those Hoffman School days were a very special time of my childhood, and I was wondering what became of all those people.
Another person I often think about fondly is Mrs. Vadala. She used to live on Winsor Ave. many years ago. She and my mom were very good friends. I remember Mrs. Vadala taking me to get my very first library card when I was a little girl, my mom didn't know much English in those days, so Mrs. Vadala took me to get my card when she took her children to the library.
From my high school days I wonder where Aileen Ayers, Judy Whitson, Karen Bebe, and Grace Piatkowski are. I hope that all these people are well. If any of you visit this site it would be really nice to hear from you.
Lastly, but not least, I often wonder where the following teachers are and how they are doing; Mrs. Todd, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Prettyman. They were three of my very favorite teachers, and I've often wanted to tell them that I also became a teacher, and that they were instrumental in influencing me to follow the same path of education.
Two other teachers that I've often wondered about are Mr. Berguson, who was very good in the field of science, but who had a challenging time controlling us, we were his first class that he ever taught. I've often wondered if he went on to be a scientist, or if he remained a teacher, and then there was his colleague, Mr. Dietrich, that every little sophomore girl had a crush on in those long ago days.
Anyway, like I said my husband and I were discussing our childhood and Christmases of the past and a lot of people came into mind.
We were also thinking of Christmases to come. We have three grown children, two sons, who are in their mid-twenties, and one daughter, who is eighteen. Our oldest son is getting married in the summer of 2006, and we were thinking that next year we will be celebrating with him and his new wife in their own place.
Well, enough of that, guess holiday time brings out all kind of reflection. Hope everyone is well. "Bye for now." Irene

25) Moderhak

  Now In: Las Vegas, Nevadqa
  Class of: 1964
Monday, 12.26.2005 - 17:15:30 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Attended Hoffman School(known first as #11), then Booth. Moved further Upstate,then to Westchester for 2 years of college, graduated from University of Northern Colorado, then moved to: New Mexico (Navajo Reservation),Las Vegas, Nevada, Tehran, Iran, then back to Las Vegas, where I currently reside. Elmira was a fantastic place to grow up! And this is a great website. Remember the little red wagon where popcorn was sold?
24) Priscilla Atkins Baker

  Now In: Austin, TX
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1975
Sunday, 12.25.2005 - 00:10:16 Windows 95/98 Internet Explorer

Attended Hoffman (Elem.), Booth School (Jr. High), 9th grade NDHS, grad EFA, St. Bonaventure '79. Came to TX via PA, VT, TN and now here 16+ yrs.
23) Donna Durfee

  Now In: Mississippi
  High School: Edison
  Class of: 1974
Friday, 12.09.2005 - 13:37:35 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Would like to hear from former classmates from Edison High school. Please email me!
22) Raynard Les. Whitney

  Now In: Tampa,Fla.
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 62
Thursday, 12.08.2005 - 20:46:38 Windows 95/98 Internet Explorer

Just enjoying the memories.Went to Hopkins St,six months at Southside,family moved to Fla.Realy nice site.
21) Robyn MacMillan

  Now In: Ladson, SC
Thursday, 12.08.2005 - 10:45:29 Windows XP Internet Explorer

My husband's father grew up in Elmira in the 20's and up to WW2 we believe, when he was drafted. Looking for any family he may have had that might still be around. Possibly even family from his first marriage before the war. His name was Silas MacMillan.
20) Judi Carroll-Thompson

  Now In: Alpharetta, GA
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1967
Saturday, 12.03.2005 - 16:45:25 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Working on a project to gather Elmira memories from former friends. This site was found while doing some research. I think it is great.
19) John M. Bacon

  Now In: Augusta GA
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 62
Tuesday, 11.29.2005 - 22:14:18 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Nice to be reminded of the city that I left to go into the Army. I return sometimes but this way is much cheaper.
18) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Tuesday, 11.29.2005 - 20:09:03 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hello everyone! It's great having this website to visit every once and awhile.It's like visiting home without having to travel, and it definitely brings back soooo many, many memories.
I also attended Booth Jr. High, and prior to that I went to Hoffman School. (Graduated from EC in 1975)Anyway, it would be really nice to hear from some of the former classmates and friends. I would welcome an e-mail message to catch up on news, where people are and how they are doing.
I also came across an old newspaper article recently about the origins of the M&M Hot Dog Stand. Next time I write I will update you on that. Last time I visited this website some conversation was going on as to who the original owners were. At that time I had mentioned that the Patros family, my family, were one time owners. Now I dont have much time to expound, but on my next visit I will share this information with you.
Anyway, before closing I want to wish everyone happy holidays, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to all the Jewish friends a Happy Channuka! Well, got to go. "Bye for now." Irene

17) Prudence Atkins Tinberg

  Now In: Greenwood Village, CO (metro Denver)
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1976
Tuesday, 11.29.2005 - 10:54:45 Windows XP Internet Explorer

EFA Class of 1976 is having a 30th reunion next summer in July. Please register at classmates.com so the reunion committee in Elmira can find you!
16) Ronnie Benedict

  Messenger: RBene515 Ronnie_Benedict@hotmail.com
  Now In: Franklin NC
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1972
Tuesday, 11.29.2005 - 10:44:59 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Living in Franklin, NC for 10 years now. Own a Landscape Co that does design, installation and maintenance.
We try to restore Nature to all our Landscapes.