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295) Lisa Roberts Tarbert

  Now In: Titusville, FL
  High School: Elmira Christian Academy
  Class of: 1978
Monday, 01.19.2009 - 01:18:08 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Oh how I miss home Moved to Orlando in 1977 I went to EFA as well as ECA before moving here I don't think I will run into anyone who knows me But it was nice to come here and see so many people share the same feelings of home
294) Rita Willsey Neher

  Now In: Pittsburgh .Pa
Wednesday, 01.07.2009 - 17:22:59 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hi y'all. I grew up in Elmira with Roney Crusade, Laurie Drake Dick Peterson, Connie Smith (whom I have just seen.)jean Robinson,Bart Curtiss and tons more.I used to go to Hendy Ave. I was in Mrs. Harm's kindergarten class. I did waterballet at the Country Club and we lived in Oak Hill Park. I have a class picture but can't remember the names.If anyone can recall the kids in that class I would love to hear from you. I moved at the start of Jr. High.
Thanks a lot. Rita Willsey Neher

293) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Wednesday, 12.24.2008 - 10:16:55 Windows XP Internet Explorer


292) Claude (Ted) Snyder

  Messenger: s14901@hotmail.com
  Now In: Endwell, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1958
Friday, 12.12.2008 - 01:32:29 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hi to all of my EFA, Hendy Ave., and No. 11 classmates.
291) Pauline Briggs Brewer

Saturday, 12.06.2008 - 22:23:44 Windows XP Internet Explorer

This is a delightful surprise to find the guestbook and board. I am a family genealogist doing research on the Brewer, Griswold, Stull and Kinyon family members who lived in Elmira and the surrounding areas of Tri-County. There are family members buried in Southport and also, in Riverside Cemetery. The Ancestors known are Abraham and Eunice Griswold Brewer, Elijah and Margaret Kinyon Brewer and their families.

290) Vicki Van Allen

  Now In: Lynden, WA
Tuesday, 12.02.2008 - 22:24:19 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Hello. Am Searching for long lost descendants of the Rorick Family. My Grandmother was one of 7 children (Cora Rorick b.1891) and daughter of Harvey & Stella Rorick.
The old Rorick's Glen was the families contribution to popular entertainment in the late 1800's. My Grandmother's family moved to Williamsport PA in the late 1890's. If you are or know of some of the family, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
PS. a great website!

289) rabbit

  Now In: georgia
  High School: Southside
Monday, 12.01.2008 - 17:36:45 Windows NT Internet Explorer

trying to plan vacation in 09 is the class of 79 going to have any kind of getogether
288) Keith Maynard

  Now In: Tucson, AZ
  High School: Horseheads
Monday, 11.10.2008 - 23:27:28 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Grew up in Elmira, went to high school in Horseheads, moved on to Tucson in the 60's. Spent many a summer day wander Eldridge Park and watching outdoor movies on Saturday nights...great memories.
287) Billy Gibbs

  Now In: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  High School: Horseheads
  Class of: 1974
Saturday, 11.08.2008 - 14:07:26 Windows XP Internet Explorer

We moved to South Florida in 2004. Best move we ever made.
286) Lori Weston Waite

  Now In: Phoenix
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1979
Wednesday, 10.29.2008 - 09:56:54 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I lived in Elmira till 82, now live in Phoenix. Any plans for SHS 79 reunion? I miss the beautiful tree lined hills and the river.
285) donna walker sullivan

  Now In: erin
  High School: Horseheads
Saturday, 10.11.2008 - 00:48:29 Windows XP Internet Explorer

does anyone remember my mom? mary gibbs she has been gone 25 yrs this oct 25th and she rocked as a person for me she was a cheerleader from efa in the 47s 48s?
284) Beverly Austin Dickinson

  Now In: Winston-Salem, NC
  High School: Southside
  Class of: 1983
Friday, 09.12.2008 - 17:26:47 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I graduated in 1982, but I was actually class of 1983. My husband, Ed, graduatd in '81. We have two children, James (Jed) and Amanda, both now through college and living independently in nearby cities. (wow-that'll make one feel old) E-mails always welcome.
283) SARAH Garcia-GRANT

  Now In: Maine
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1973
Monday, 09.08.2008 - 11:33:26 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hello everyone,

Irene P. and Kathie Burke, I remember you both. Irene, you and I used to walk home together from Booth. You lived on Windsor and I on W. Water.

I have not been in Elmira since 1993, but I have such fond and wistful memories... Love the photo albums I find here.

I am trying to locate Lee Whittle also EFA Class of 1973. Last I knew she lived in Alexandria, VA, but that was 13 years ago. Can't remember her married name.

282) George Wagner

  Messenger: pasteurgeorge
  Now In: Ottawa, ON
  High School: Other Elmira area school
  Class of: 1964
Sunday, 08.24.2008 - 03:49:21 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I left Elmira a long time ago, but it is still my hometown.
281) Irene Patros Fadis

  Now In: Queens, NY
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1971
Sunday, 08.24.2008 - 01:23:37 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Dear Fellow Elmirans,
I was in Elmira this past Wednesday. What an experience to be there. It was bitter sweet. First of all it was great to see that Elmira seems to be doing better than the last time I was there, ten years ago. The homes seemed better kept, and then there was the boat launch on Grove Street and Winsor Ave that was new. It was sad,however, to see the downtown area so depressed, and I was surprised that the M & M closed early, truly missed eating those hot dogs with chili. I was happy to see how developed business is in Big Flats. That was a good sign.
Of course it was painful because most of my loved ones are now resting in peace in Woodlawn, but it was comforting to be able to visit their gravesites and say a prayer. I missed seeing people I knew. The only person I saw was a former neighbor on Winsor Ave. Thank God for her.
I surely would love hearing from anyone that remembers me from my childhood and youth. I graduated from EFA in 1971 and prior to that attended Booth Junior High, and Hoffman Elementary School.
Anyway, in closing I want to say it was good, although sad, to get a chance to see the place I once called home. I send my best regards and love to all. With affection and fondness for my hometown,
PS Just curious, why has no one changed the picture of the week ? Hope all is well.

280) Tom Draxler

  Now In: Kansas
Monday, 07.28.2008 - 18:56:32 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Hello ELMIRA!!! Remembering growing up in the 50's and reflecting fondly on all my childhood friends & the wonderful memories of a "perfect childhood." Hello to special friends Bobby Mace, Sidney Tannenbaum, Charlie Collins, David Chichester, Jack Naroski, David Rydell, Janice Decker, Donna Edwards, Ruth & Margaret Henry, Catherine Kozemko, Debbie Cook, Mike Sampsell, Gary Kunkel, and many neighborhood friends from Coldbrook Park Elementary. Fun times...
279) Brenda Pound

  Messenger: overniter102975
  Now In: El Paso,Texas
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1993
Sunday, 07.20.2008 - 16:33:24 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I do tend to miss Elmira of course i miss the green grass, the trees especially in the fall and oh i so miss the river and the creeks. It is totally different living in a bigger city one that especially bordering another country like Mexico which is only a walk away I graduated from EFA in 1993 and guess we never had a 10 yr reunion but anyway i have 3 children now I work on an Army Post and I love it anyway VALUE THE CITY i now see its a small city compared to others but it has its BEAUTY and should not be taken for granted.....
278) Kathy Burke Beck

  Now In: Macedon, NY
  High School: Notre Dame
  Class of: 1973
Thursday, 07.17.2008 - 17:00:56 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Would love to hear what's been going on with my classmates!
277) kathie kruger beard

  Now In: durham nc
  High School: Elmira Free Academy
  Class of: 1962
Tuesday, 07.15.2008 - 23:09:30 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Just signing back in with yet another e-mail address. Hey-guess what I just heard! The place to get good deals for housing and where the good jobs are filtering back in is upstate NY!! Finally! I am now retired(3 days) and have moved to Durham to babysit for 2 of my younger grandchildren---so I haven't really retired after all. Again-great site.Thanks for maintaining it. Would love to hear from classmates. Kathie Kruger Beard.
276) Traci Rolls Morgan

  Now In: Hatboro, PA
  Class of: 1987
Monday, 07.07.2008 - 16:50:13 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Wow, what a step back in time. These photo albums are amazing. It is really neat to be able to show my children the area in which I spent my early childhood years.