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Today (4/1/2011) it was rainy & misty but I just had to get some pics of the Lake Street Bridge aka: The Red Ball Express (after the flood of `72 here). It is in terrible shape now, but what a life saver this bridge was during a time of great disaster in Chemung and surrounding counties. While standing on the North/Eastside of the bridge I got photos today that show just how much she has suffered through the years. I was in awe of the no pedestrian sign also, as I, myself, was creeped out having no other choice but to walk over this bridge...it was THE RED BALL EXPRESS or at least the most needed part of it! Hope you all enjoy seeing it again as she was vital to those of us recovering from the flood. There's also a shot of the decorative Elmira marker flag at the north side of the Lake Street bridge, and one of the Riverfront Park that is adjacent to the Northside of the bridge. This park is all to be torn out and there are some pretty nice ideas for that area. As for the bridge...still up in the air(no pun intended) as far as I know. Jenny.


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