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Fifty-one years since the '72 flood, the aftermath of Tropical Storm Agnes. Major events of that year included President Nixon's historic eight-day visit to China and his meetings with Mao, Britain's take-over of Northern Ireland, the shooting of Alabama governor George Wallace, the infamous Watergate break-in, the murder of eleven Israeli athletes and one policeman at the Olympic Games in Munich.
But if you were in Elmira, or just about anywhere along the Chemung or Susquehanna Rivers in New York or Pennsylvania, then none of those events are likely to loom as large in your memory as those of 'The Flood'. The Flood of '72, with the Chemung River rising three feet higher than 1946 flood levels, resulted in the tragic loss of twenty-three lives and almost three hundred million dollars damage to the city of Elmira. Herein are some of the memories of that time that people have shared with us.
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