- Candace Dettweiler -

Well, I was there during the flood days. That was the year that I met my husband. My family lived on Davis St. by the Reformatory so we were not directly involved in the flood it self. But my parents had a friend that lived down by the river. After the flood I was helping to sort through all that mess. It was amess. Mud every where.
When a family came to the house beside us (they were sent there by the people in charge of help distribution) but the people that lived there were not to be found. So they came and helped us out for a while. They were from Canada and had decided to come and help out ( it was their vacation time).
It was that day that one of the sons of this family and I started to talk and we became fond of each other. We have been married for 25 years now, and have 4 great kids. Even though I live in Canada I have some family still in Elmira. It was a disaster that brought us together. I am one person that will not forget that year.