- Carol Palmer -

WOW!! Thrity Years?? Hardly seems like that long ago. I had just returned from Cortland College and since we lived on Horner St - just a couple of blocks from the river we were involved. My brothers had gone to the dike to sandbag. I recall listening to the radio when they announced that our area should evacuate. I went to the window, sirens started to blow. My Dad asked me what was going on, and I told him what I had heard and then it was repeated. We made quick arrangements to stay with friends outside of the flood area. My Dad went to the dike to collect my brothers and they made it just as the water was coming over and through the dike.
When the river began to recede we made our way back home - going via car as far as possible and walking the rest of the way. The "tunnel" was still flooded so we went up and over the rr tracks. There was still a lot of water on the ground. We managed to get to the house - what a mess!! The water had filled the basement, and the entire first floor and part way up the stairs to the second floor!! Our above ground pool was completely gone - parts were found later way down Maple Ave. Fortunately we were able to find some humor - the vacuum cleaner had been sucked from it's place and placed in the middle of the living room as if to say - "well, time to clean up this mess"!
It was my bother's birthday and the cake that was on the table had been moved to the middle of the floor - still right side up!! When we went in - the phone rang one time - end of that!! Let's see - we found cans of beer washed up on the lawn - drinkable thank goodness since the water wasn't! And it was legal to drink at 18 back then.