- Michelle Kelly -

In 1972, I was five years old. I lived at 309 E. Miller Street. The only thing that I can remember, is the officers at the end of street with flashlights shouting the words, "Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate!"
I remember sitting with my mother, Della Kelly and watching the news, and since the news kind of gave us an idea of what would happen, my sister, my brother and I all put our boots on, etc.
We went and stayed at a school, I believe it was Parley Coburn. We were put in the gym with cots, with many, many people. Once we were there it eventually began flooding there too, so we had to be moved to another facility.
We were helped aboard dump trucks and taken elsewhere.
I remember the water looking very dirty.
Once we returned after the flood, I remember we could tell how high the water was in our home, just by looking at the walls. Also the basement was very, very dusty. I’d say that’s quite a bit to remember as a five year old.